High Quality Ultrasound Education

VanPOCUS is a group of Vancouver-based ultrasound experts who are dedicated to providing high quality point of care ultrasound education at all levels of training and practice. From full year fellowships to single day conferences, VanPOCUS provides learning opportunities across a range of specialties and disciplines.

News - May 18, 2021


Vancouver POCUS21 is now on demand! Did you miss the conference and miss out on registration? You now have the opportunity to purchase Vancouver POCUS21 On Demand here.

News - May 14, 2021


EM:RAP’s Emergency Medical Abstracts reviewed our cricothyroid membrane landmarking paper in their most recent May 2021 issue. Despite the reviewer’s concerns about the limitations of the study (single center, patients did not need airway management), they liked the take home point that the position of the cricothyroid membrane moves with a change in the patient’s position.

News - May 9, 2021


We had an amazing Virtual Vancouver POCUS21 Symposium yesterday morning. The “king of puns” Ross Prager did a phenomenal job of moderating, and we had fantastic talks from all our speakers. Thank you to everyone who joined us, and if you registered but were unable to join us live yesterday morning, the videos will be made available to you shortly. If you missed out all together, here’s a brief review of the "Top 10 POCUS Papers of 2020” talk.

News - April 23, 2021


A new CJEM Just the Facts publication about the role of POCUS for skin and soft tissue infections  specifically cellulitis, abscess, and necrotizing fasciitis. It provides guidance about how to perform the scan, as well as how POCUS can be used to assist with incision and drainage of abscesses.

News - April 16, 2021


VanPOCUS’s Dan Kim will be speaking at SaskSono21 on Saturday, April 17, 2021 about continuing medical education in POCUS, as well as facilitating workshops on how to give a good POCUS lecture and how to run a scanning course/ultrasound boot camp. If you haven’t yet registered, it’s not too late: https://cmelearning.usask.ca/current-courses/sasksono_21.php.

News - March 30, 2021


VanPOCUS’s Dan Kim was part of the team behind this new meta-research study of systematic reviews assessing the diagnostic accuracy of POCUS applications. This study attempted to characterize the completeness of reporting using the PRISMA-DTA checklist. Overall, systematic reviews of POCUS diagnostic accuracy were moderately reported, but the main areas of deficiency were systematic review registration and the identification of a minimally acceptable test accuracy threshold.