VanPOCUS - High Quality Ultrasound Education

VanPOCUS is a group of Vancouver-based ultrasound experts who are dedicated to providing high quality point of care ultrasound education at all levels of training and practice. From full year fellowships to single day conferences, VanPOCUS provides learning opportunities across a range of specialties and disciplines.

News - July 6, 2022


A new academic year means reprising the R1 POCUS FUNdamentals workshop and welcoming a new group of R1s to the program. We had an awesome group of instructors, including Melissa Skaugset, Karine Badra, Zafrina Poonja, new POCUS fellow Torey Lau, and UBC emergency medicine residents Kate Eppler and Matt Douglas-Vail.

News - June 28, 2022


Congratulations to our graduating POCUS fellows, Nik Humniski and Justin Burton! Regrettably, Justin Burton was unable to attend due to illness, but we celebrated with Nik Humniski at CRAFT English Bay. We’re delighted that both of our fellows will be sticking around the lower mainland. Nik will be the new ultrasound director for the Richmond Hospital emergency medicine group, and Justin is joining the Langley Memorial Hospital emergency medicine group. Wishing our fellows all the best with their future endeavors!

News - June 26, 2022


VanPOCUS held the first iteration of the CRASH course this past weeked - Cardio Respiratory and Abdominal Sonography for Hospitalists. We had a great group of attendees, including hospitalists from Vancouver General Hospital, Royal Columbian Hospital, Eagle Ridge Hospital, and even as far away as Mackenzie Hospital in Northern BC! We were joined by an excellent group of instructors, including our fellow Nik Humniski, Rahim Manji, and Maja Stachura.

News - June 13, 2022

The May edition of the ACEP-SAEM “Probing the Literature” Ultrasound Journal Club reviewed Dan Kim's 2019 paper from Academic Emergency Medicine, "Test Characteristics of Point-of-care Ultrasound for the Diagnosis of Retinal Detachment in the Emergency Department”. If you missed it, you can catch all the lively discussion on the ACEP Emergency Ultrasound Section YouTube channel.

News - June 1, 2022


Dan Kim chaired a track on “POCUS in Resuscitation" at the annual CAEP 2022 conference today in Quebec City. Speakers included Tom Jelic, Frank Myslik, Laurie Robichaud, and Elizabeth Lalande. If you missed it, you can find a Twitter thread on the talk “5 POCUS Resuscitation Papers You Should Know”.

News - May 16, 2022


VanPOCUS’s Dan Kim was the invited guest speaker at this month’s ACEP-SAEM “Probing the Literature” Ultrasound Journal Club. He presented his 2019 paper from Academic Emergency Medicine, "Test Characteristics of Point-of-care Ultrasound for the Diagnosis of Retinal Detachment in the Emergency Department”. There was excellent discussion, and if you missed it, you’ll be able to catch it on the ACEP Emergency Ultrasound Section YouTube channel soon.

News - May 11, 2022


The 3rd annual Vancouver Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) Symposium took place on Saturday May 7, 2022 as a virtual conference. We had over 150 participants join us as our amazing faculty provided an update on the most recent trends in resuscitative, diagnostic, and clinical POCUS. Iff you missed registration and missed the conference altogether, you can now purchase Vancouver POCUS22 On Demand!