VanPOCUS - High Quality Ultrasound Education

VanPOCUS is a group of Vancouver-based ultrasound experts who are dedicated to providing high quality point of care ultrasound education at all levels of training and practice. From full year fellowships to single day conferences, VanPOCUS provides learning opportunities across a range of specialties and disciplines.

News - November 23, 2023


VanPOCUS has a new publication out with another POCUS literature primer – this time, it’s key papers on POCUS in cardiac arrest and shock. The expert panel used a modified Delphi to identify the top 5 most influential papers on the use of POCUS in cardiac arrest and POCUS in shock. Check it out in the Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine!

News - November 1, 2023


Tom Jelic hosted an outstanding CAEP Emergency Ultrasound Committee virtual journal club on November 1st. There was VanPOCUS representation, as one of our fellows, Caroline Kowal, presented on a paper comparing ultrasound guidance to landmark for subclavian vein catheterization (Subramony R et al. Additionally, Kanisha Cruz-Kan, a University of Manitoba POCUS fellow, reviwed our VanPOCUS publication on ultrasound for peritonsillar abscess (Kim DJ et al.

News - October 21, 2023


VanPOCUS ran a POCUS workshop this past weekend for the anesthesia group at BC Women’s Hospital. We had an awesome instructor crew, including Maja Stachura and our fellow Caroline Kowal. The anesthesia group were engaged and excited about POCUS and had a natural knack for picking up the skill set.

News - October 18, 2023


A collaboration with the University of Ottawa emergency medicine group resulted in this publication in the Annals of Emergency Medicine. The team performed a systematic review and meta-analysis to study the tests characteristics of POCUS for cholecystitis: in 7 studies with over 1700 patients, POCUS had a pooled sensitivity of 71% and pooled specificity of 94%. Make sure you check out the full paper in the Annals! 

News - October 3, 2023


We kicked off the new academic year for the UBC POCUS fellowship with a great team building event by getting out an escape room. We’re delighted to have Kia Dullemond, Caroline Kowal, Rukaiyah Lakkadghatwala, Ève-Magali Sauriol-LaPalme, and Alex Wilson join us for the 2023-2024 year.

News - July 7, 2023


We welcomed the new UBC R1 emergency medicine residents to the program by running the POCUS FUNdamentals workshop. Our amazing group of instructors included Melissa Skaugset, PEM fellows Elad Machtey and John Ramsay, and UBC emergency medicine residents Christina Botros and Tracy Huynh.

News - June 30, 2023


Congratulations to Torey Lau who is our first official AFC graduate from the UBC DEM POCUS Fellowship! The team celebrated by doing the Sea to Summit hike up to the Sea to Sky gondola in Squamish. We’re super excited that Torey is sticking around the lower mainland and will be taking a staff job with the St. Paul’s Hospital emergency department group. We wish him the best with all his future endeavors and look forward to having him join our POCUS faculty!