High Quality Ultrasound Education

VanPOCUS is a group of Vancouver-based ultrasound experts who are dedicated to providing high quality point of care ultrasound education at all levels of training and practice. From full year fellowships to single day conferences, VanPOCUS provides learning opportunities across a range of specialties and disciplines.

News - February 8, 2021


We’re thrilled that Life in the Fastlane (LITFL) is advertising Virtual Vancouver POCUS21, and we’re super excited to have LITFL’s Neil Long joining our excellent line up of speakers.

News - January 21, 2021


Save the date! The 2nd annual Vancouver Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) Symposium will be coming back as a virtual conference. The symposium will provide an update on the most recent trends in resuscitative, diagnostic, and procedural POCUS and will feature a panel discussion on POCUS and standard of care with experts from anesthesia, critical care, emergency medicine, and internal medicine.

News - January 4, 2021


The Imaging Wire recently summarized the POCUS community’s dissatisfaction with the European Society of Pediatric Radiology’s recently published position statement on POCUS. This was prompted by a tweet from VanPOCUS’s Dan Kim, categorically rejecting the idea of a radiology society imposing its control over an imaging modality that is used by clinicians from across all specialties in medicine.

News - October 26, 2020


VanPOCUS is presenting a virtual poster at ACEP20. If you’re registered for the conference, check it out - abstract #349: "The Physical Examination is Unreliable in Determining the Location of the Ankle Physis in Healthy Children”. The full abstract is available in the November supplement of Annals of Emergency Medicine.