High Quality Ultrasound Education

VanPOCUS is a group of Vancouver-based ultrasound experts who are dedicated to providing high quality point of care ultrasound education at all levels of training and practice. From full year fellowships to single day conferences, VanPOCUS provides learning opportunities across a range of specialties and disciplines.

News - October 26, 2020


VanPOCUS is presenting a virtual poster at ACEP20. If you’re registered for the conference, check it out - abstract #349: "The Physical Examination is Unreliable in Determining the Location of the Ankle Physis in Healthy Children”. The full abstract is available in the November supplement of Annals of Emergency Medicine.

News - October 7, 2020


A new publication from the VanPOCUS group where we assessed the change in the position of the cricothyroid membrane ultrasound landmark from 0° head of bed elevation to 30° and 90°. Check out the full manuscript in the Canadian Journal of Anesthesia.

News - September 16, 2020


VanPOCUS ran the UBC R1 ultrasound course in a physically distanced manner, given the current COVID-19 pandemic. The R1 cohort had to be separated into smaller groups and had to act as their own models. We had help from former fellow Neil Long and current fellow Zafrina Poonja.

News - September 2, 2020

Neil Long and Justin Ahn are featured in a video by the Burnaby Hospital and the Royal Columbian Hospital Foundations where they describe their participation in Microsoft Philanthropies’ Hack for Good program. They have partnered with Microsoft’s team to develop a low cost pericardiocentesis trainer, using 3D printing and cheap, easily accesible materials like gelatine and balloons.