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Adjunctive use of point of care ultrasound to diagnose compartment syndrome of the thigh
POCUS J 2021

A case report describing the identification of a large anterior thigh hematoma on POCUS in a patient with delayed compartment syndrome of the thigh. The POCUS Journal is a completely open access publication with no publication or access fees.


A picture is worth a thousand words, but only if you can see it
CJEM 2021

A letter to the editor calling for Canadian healthcare systems to invest more resources in digital archiving systems for POCUS. “There needs to be advocacy for hospitals to provide appropriate IT funding and resources to implement digital archiving systems, and alternate avenues such as the crowdsourcing of low-cost workflow solutions needs to be explored."
PMID: 34797557


Point-of-care ultrasonography in the diagnosis of hemorrhagic cholecystitis
CMAJ 2021

Clinical Images case of the uncommon diagnosis of hemorrhagic cholecystitis on point of care ultrasound. Open access with freely accessible videos of the POCUS scan and gross images of the large cast of bile-stained clot removed on ERCP.
PMID: 34697098


Clot in transit: A case for point of care echocardiography
Vis J Emerg Med 2021

Case report of a patient presenting with shortness of breath and presyncope who was found to have a clot in transit on point of care echocardiography and a femoral DVT on POCUS. Impressive images and videos of this uncommon finding.


Just the facts: ultrasound guidance for arthrocentesis
CJEM 2021

Just the Facts publication about the role of ultrasound guidance for arthrocentesis. It describes the rationale for using ultrasound guidance and describes the technique. It is accompanied by this handy infographic you can refer to at the bedside.
PMID: 34347279


The physical examination is unreliable in determining the location of the distal fibular physis
Am J Emerg Med 2021

Prospective observational study of 20 PEM physicians examining 71 children aged 4 to 10 years old. We compared the PEM physician’s identification of the distal fibular physis based on physical exam compared to the position of the distal fibular physis on ultrasound (the criterion standard). The PEM physicians demonstrated poor accuracy (34%) with their physical exam.
PMID: 34325216


Just the facts: point-of-care ultrasound for skin and soft-tissue abscesses
CJEM 2021

Just the Facts publication about the role of POCUS for skin and soft tissue infections, specifically cellulitis, abscess, and necrotizing fasciitis. It provides guidance about how to perform the scan, as well as how POCUS can be used to assist with incision and drainage of abscesses.
PMID: 33886108


Completeness of reporting for systematic reviews of point-of-care ultrasound: A meta-research study
BMJ Evid Based Med 2021

A meta-research study of systematic reviews assessing the diagnostic accuracy of POCUS applications. This study attempted to characterize the completeness of reporting using the PRISMA-DTA checklist. Overall, systematic reviews of POCUS diagnostic accuracy were moderately reported, but the main areas of deficiency were systematic review registration and the identification of a minimally acceptable test accuracy threshold.
PMID: 33785511

Additional Publications


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